7 days in the cloud. Or so was my intention…

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this link. ]

“Day 1: My 7 day test started off alright, initially. The first
day was fine. I had to do some work with a spreadsheet which was
already drawn up in Gnumeric. Gnumeric is my locally installed
package I use for all my spreadsheet work on Ubuntu. Naturally, my
first port of call for online spreadsheet work would be Google
Documents. And thanks to Google Docs, uploading the file was of
absolute ease. And once loaded into Google Docs, working on the
file was equal an experience of working on the file on a locally
installed system. I?ve been dabbling with Google Docs since before
Google even acquired the service. Veterans might remember the
original service was located at writely.com. Once it had been
acquired by Google along with other online services, the lot were
bundled together and integrated to create the Google Docs suite
that you see today. It has come a long way. And Google Docs
provides a nice online option for word processing, spreadsheet and
more. I?m impressed with the service of what Google present us with
today. And it is truly the best example of what can be done with
cloud computing.

“Day 2… and the rest… This is where things began to take a
different turn. And on day 2, I realized that I would never be able
to survive 7 days in the cloud, as was my original intention. There
is a few contributing factors that presented hurdles and create a
few problems for me.”

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