7 of the Best Free Linux Document Management Systems

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“Document Management is an information technology that
has taken over from legacy systems of manual or server based file
sharing, the electronic filing cabinet, to control policies and
procedures. It is one of the functions provided by Enterprise
Content Management.

“A document management system enables individuals and businesses
to manage documents, making it easy to locate a previous document
version. This is important from a record control perspective, and
to ensure that compliance standards are met within a user-friendly

“The main benefit offered by a document management system is
that it gives individuals and businesses the tools to store and
index many different types of documents and electronic files.
Information and knowledge within the organisation can be accessed
as appropriate, leading to an increase in productivity. Any kind of
binary data can be stored in the document system. Other uses of
this type of system include document workflow, records management,
image management, disaster recovery, backup, and access

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