A 2004 UNIX/Linux Code Comparison for SCO Showed Essentially Nothing – Update on Baystar

“A consultant hired by SCO in 2004 to compare UNIX and Linux,
with the thought he could be used as an expert at trial, says that,
after days and days, his comparison tool found “very little
correlation”. When he told that to SCO, it paid him and he never
heard from SCO again.

“Interesting, huh? And how odd that SCO went on to sue folks for
alleged copyright infringement even after that happened, don’t you

“This new information appears in a new book to be published in
April and now available as a “Rough Cuts” version on the Safari
online book service. The book is titled “Software IP Detective,” by
Bob Zeidman, and in Chapter 26, he tells us this anecdote.

“Here’s a screenshot of the book’s cover:”