A Linux Day of Gratitude

“I already had an installation CD, so in twenty minutes I had a
nice new dual-boot Buntu machine. An hour later, because I have old
slow DSL, I had all the updates, a batch of extra desktops and
games, a new RT kernel and headers, and a big batch of audio
libraries and applications. W

“What other operating system lets you do that? Free/Open/NetBSD.
Any others? Not that I know of. It’s easy. It’s fast. For the user
it’s as free as can be– I don’t have to worry about the license
police, or having enough money, or phoning home to the mothership
for permission to do what I want with my computers. I don’t have to
hassle with proprietary software vendors who lose all of what
little motivation they ever had to please their customers after
they’ve made the sale. Even better, I don’t have to waste my life
fighting with corporate overlords who have their own plans for what
I can do with my own computers. Therefore I nominate today, and
every day, as Linux/FOSS Gratitude Day.”


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