A mother explains why everybody should attend the 2009 Linux Day

[ Thanks to M.
for this link. ]

“Besides this specific application, Serena recommends
the Linux Day to all parents and teachers who “would like to find
new ways to communicate with their teenagers or are sick and tired
of empty, lifeless eyes staring at worms fighting on a screen and
of ears apparently deaf to any input that doesn’t sound like chat,
download or IM…”

“because, according to her own experience:

“All too often we parents and teacher think that,
education-wise, computers are only a problem to “manage”, in order
to minimize the damage it can do to our kids. The truth is that WE
are the problem. Computers are just machines and they aren’t even
too complex ones. You don’t need specific training to “manage”
them, it only takes a bit of logic and effort to transform a
computer in your educational ally!”

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