A Possible Future of Linux – Online Live Environments?

“So how would you, the creator of such an application for
generating Linux distributions go about it? Well, for one thing you
could keep it simple and start by having a stock set of packages
with a desktop environment (the defaults) on the ISO which you
would recommend. Or you could be minimalistic and provide just a
base install and let people build over it. Both these options are
in fact present in SUSE Studio. You can choose to let users stray
from default artwork you recommend or go for stock artwork provided
in desktop environments. In a beginner friendly environment, you
could mention what applications are for Audio, Video, IM, etc for
your choice of desktop environment. In an advanced setup you could
maybe choose the version of the kernel or certain packages that you
would like to include. Anything more would be up to your
imagination. I’ll summarize what else to keep in mind for this

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