A Video Interview Using Free Tools

[ Thanks to Jeff Cobb
for this link. ]

“In anticipation of needing to so some editing I broke
the general ‘script’ apart into four or five sections: An
introduction, skills summary, early background, later background,
current projects and closing. Then I went into my office with a
shovel and cleaned out an area to film in. I used the so-handy RCA
Small Wonder video camera to film with. These things are great;
even without additional RAM, it can record up to 30 minutes of
high-quality video or an hour at low-quality. When you get done
filming you press a button on the side of the device and a USB port
pops out; plug it into your Linux laptop and it appears as a camera
or external drive and the files are already in .AVI containers. I
went through all of the section four times so that I could
cherry-pick the best ones. As you will see, I may be an excellent
coder but I am nobodies movie star.”

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