A Week with Pinguy � The Slick Ubuntu Remix

“These days, Linux distros are a dime a dozen, especially in the
field of the Ubuntu remix. Just about anyone thinks they can create
a usable spinoff (they’re probably right) and that it’ll be wildly
successful (they’re probably wrong). For this reason, we don’t
often give a full writeup to an Ubuntu remix on MTE unless it
offers something really unique or interesting. Pinguy isn’t exactly
revolutionary, but it is among a rare breed: an Ubuntu spinoff that
might actually have some real improvements over the original.

“Note: As a review, the opinions expressed are completely
subjective and belong to the author of the post. If you disagree,
please sound off in the comments.

“The Pinguy Desktop

“This is where I have some mixed feelings. The theme is lovely,
the titlebars and menus look clean, simple, and beautiful, but the
desktop layout leaves a bit to be desired.”

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