AbiWord Weekly News #102 by Jesper Skov

“The past week a lot of Bug Votes have been reclaimed by the
developers, closing even a few very high profile Bugs. I must
remind users to help QA the closed Bugs so their description will
show up in the section of closed Bugs below. For now, you’ll just
have to take my word for it: the 100 QA pending (Resolved) Bugs
have 485 Votes. Within the next month, the two highest ranking RFE
Bugs (worth 1310 Votes) are likely to be closed as well. In
addition to this, the GTK2 Unix changes has now been moved to the
trunk of the development tree, and should also stabilize within a
month or so. Come September/October, you should expect to see the
first 1.9.x (pre-2.0) releases of AbiWord, according to the current
planning on the development list.

“This is the last issue of AbiWord Weekly News you will see from
my hands. I have been editing AWN for 15 months now, producing 62
issues. It has been fun to follow the development of AbiWord during
this time, and it’s pretty clear that AbiWord is now only a few
months away from gaining the necessary features that will make it a
worthwile tool for many more people. I wish I had the energy to
continue editing AWN till the day when I could write about the
AbiWord 2.0 release. But editing AWN has become too much of a chore
and not something I want to continue spending my spare time on.
Unfortunately. It’s been a fun ride, but I need to move on now.
Thanks for your interest in the past, and in particular to the few
who bothered to voice their appreciation for AWN, and more so to
the even fewer who sent me money. I hope you will all be happy with
the continued AWN in the hands of the new editor(s)…”


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