About.com: Adding Space I: Additional Drives

“It is inevitable: no matter how much hard drive space you have
now, you will eventually want more. So how hard is it to add
additional hard drive space to Linux? Not hard. Many distributions
include “automated” tools for accomplishing the task, but they
sometimes fail, and it’s nice to know how these things really work
anyway, so this article will show you how to do it by hand.

Follow a few simple steps and you’ll find that it’s no trouble at

“Of course, the first step is to physically connect your
additional hard drive to the system. Depending on whether your
setup is IDE or SCSI, this will involve any number of steps, but in
the end basically comes down to connecting two cables (power and
data) to the drive and setting some sort of identity for the drive
(SCSI ID or IDE master/slave role).”

“Once the drive is connected and your system BIOS or SCSI BIOS
is able to find it and talk to it, you’re ready to move on to
software installation.”

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