Advanced IRC with Smuxi

“If you spend much time with any open source project, you’re
probably going to be spending time in IRC. If you want to make sure
you don’t miss a minute of your project’s conversations, you’ll
want to check out Smuxi.

“Many users swear by a combination of GNU Screen and irssi for
IRC. Fire up a screen session on a server, launch irssi and then
connect via SSH and have a persistent IRC session no matter where
you go. Great system, except that irssi leaves a bit to be desired
in the user friendly department. It’s not what one would call
intuitive, and many users prefer to spend their time chatting and
not hunting down the key combinations to

“Smuxi, on the other hand, is very friendly. It’s relatively
full-featured for users who know their way around IRC, but easy to
use for those folks just diving into discussions in IRC. As Smuxi
isn’t at 1.0 yet, it may be missing some features you want in an
IRC client — but I haven’t found any major limitations. Most
importantly, Smuxi has similar benefits to the Screen/irssi combo,
without sacrificing usability. Ready to get Smuxified? Let’s