Adventures in Debian

“When one’s computer becomes unstable, it’s natural to think
first of a particular app or the desktop. After that, one may tend
to suspect the operating system. Finally one may find it turns out
to be hardware at fault. This is what happened to me recently, and
at the operating system phase, Debian became a last resort.

“At first I blamed Sabayon and tried Linux Mint. When Linux Mint
seemed to also be crashy, I resorted to the newly released Debian
6.0. I thought if anything was going to be stable, it’d be Debian.
Although I finally found and replaced faulty hardware, I’ve learned
a bit about Debian on the desktop. I’ve used Debian on my X-less
server for years, but never thought of it much as a desktop system.
So, here is a summary of my Debian desktop adventure.”