Advogato: Does GNU have a responsibility to educate GPL projects ?

“I run and fund the SmoothWall firewall project here in
the UK and across the globe in all the countries where its
installed (107 countries in 14 languages). While we strive totally
to make sure that we push and promote GPL everywhere were possible
and make our downloads free, complete with GPL compliant source –
sometimes it sucks that it isnt clear how the key core management
of FSF dont make themselves more available to help GPL projects
remain clued up as to the direction of proceeding towards
commerciality without screwing up a vital message.

The GPL is one of the most important licences in the history of
software development. Some more vocal may argue its also standing
up for our rights as software developers to have a freedom of
speech. I just know that it allows me as a software developer to
release good high quality fit for purpose software globally with
minimal restriction.

It’s certainly not all plain sailing. In the past we’ve had run
in’s with FSF and we’ve always instantly complied with their
advice. It has always been helpful advice and RMS and Georg Greve
have both worked hard to help us. I’ve always found the staff at
FSF in Boston both attentive and really helpful.”


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