Aerodynamic Elephants and Free Software Without Freedom

[ Thanks to James
for this link. ]

“As regular as a scheduled crontab job, the articles
keep appearing: Armed only with common sense, the writer is going
to set the free software community straight on how it needs to

“Typically, the articles are a mixture of demands for hardware
support or new software and rejections of the way that the Linux
community operates. Essentially the articles come down to a
suggestion that free software needs to lose its interest in freedom
and focus on function — in other words, to eliminate the entire
reason for free software in the first place.

“Whether the writers are newcomers with a keep grasp of the
obvious or more experienced users with particular grievances, the
tone of these articles always seem to resemble a manifesto’s. They
demand that free software add support immediately for certain types
of hardware, such as smart phones or wireless cards. They insist
that the community create — apparently in a process resembling
immaculate conception — software such as an exact PhotoShop or MS
Exchange. They call on the community to make things just work, to
become less geeky and less political, and to develop a more relaxed
attitude about using proprietary software”

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