AListApart.com: Opera CTO Håkon Lie: MSN, Opera & Web Standards

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“When checking the documents on MSN, however, “the latest XHTML standard” didn’t seem terribly important to Microsoft– only four of 63 documents claimed to be written in XHTML. (Opera happens to have excellent support for XHTML and compares favorably with Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows in this regard. But that?s a topic for another article.)

Running the documents through the W3C validator was the final step of the study. Given Microsoft’s emphasis on W3C specifications, one would expect their documents to validate. This was not the case, and the result was as simple as it was shocking: on the date of the study, none of the 63 documents on MSN’s home page was valid according to W3C specifications.

Given this result, one might conclude that Microsoft is actively sabotaging the work of web standards and W3C?or at the very least, demonstrating an almost unbelievable lack of competence. Microsoft points to W3C specifications when explaining why they lock competitors’ browsers out of MSN, yet none of the documents published on MSN follow these W3C specifications. In any case, it will be harder for Microsoft to blame lockouts on standards in the future.”

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