All About Linux: The Varied Flights of Ubuntu Dapper Drake

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“The first time I got introduced to Ubuntu was when I installed
Ubuntu Breezy 5.10 on my PC. And when Canonical released the beta
version of the next major Ubuntu release called Dapper Drake, I
decided to download and install it on one of the free partitions on
my machine. On the other hand, I could have just upgraded from
Ubuntu Breezy to Dapper Drake by modifying the sources.list file to
point to dapper and then doing an apt-get dist-upgrade. But since
Dapper Drake is still alfa release–its stable version is slated to
be released in June–I felt it would be prudent to install it on a
separate partition. The ISO image of Dapper drake I downloaded was
named flight 4. In fact Canonical has chosen to call each
succeeding stage of Dapper beta culminating to its final release in
June this year as flights. So when I installed Dapper Drake flight
4, a couple of months back, I got the latest version of Gnome 2.14
bundled with it but not all the changes were included. For example,
there was no integration of beagle search with nautilus file
manager which is a feature of Gnome 2.14. This could be because
Gnome 2.14 was released just before Dapper Drake flight 4 was
released and so the developers had hastily bundled Gnome 2.14 in it
and missed incorporating all the features…”

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