AllLinuxDevices: Bayonne Telephony Project Calls For Volunteers

[ Thanks to David Sugar
for this link. ]

“Bayonne is a fairly established and ambitious project who’s
goal, along that of the larger GNU Telephony Project, GNUCOMM, is
to provide scalable free software based telephony solutions that
are useful for individuals, for the small office and large
commercial enterprise, and for commercial carriers, that can
displace the proprietary solutions commonly used in the telecom
industry today. In addition to being a GNU package and a part of
GNUCOMM, Bayonne is also represented within the GNU Enterprise

“Bayonne primarily focuses on voice response and what is
commonly called a telephony “application server”. Bayonne is
written in C++, has a fully threaded architecture, and is bound
together by a common scripting core and DSO plugins. Other parts of
GNUCOMM will focus on many related and useful areas in providing a
complete free software telephony solution.”

“Bayonne will soon reach release 0.5.17. This release represents
a fairly stable and functional multi-line voice response telephony
server that already works with a fair number of single and multi-li
ne analog (and soon digital) telephony cards available under
GNU/Linux, and that can be made to support Voicetronix hardware
under FreeBSD. However, there are still many areas of development
that have not yet been addressed.”

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