AllLinuxDevices Digest for September 15, 2000

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from the world of embedded Linux. Look for the ALD Digest daily on

Today’s Headlines:

  • An MP3 Server in Linux

    “Configuring Linux to stream MP3 music over a TCP/IP network is a
    matter of installing and configuring just two RPMs.”

  • TiVO is One Jack Short

    “But there is something missing. Something is not quite right. Like
    Neo’s Matrix world, something is…off…and TiVo isn’t holding the
    red pill.”

  • Linux gadget push helps Red Hat narrow losses

    “The embedded Linux effort–which began with Red Hat’s acquisition
    of Cygnus Solutions in November and continued with its June
    acquisition of WireSpeed Communications–will get another a boost
    in two weeks when Red Hat introduces its version of embedded Linux
    at the Embedded Systems Conference in San Jose, Calif., said chief
    executive Matthew Szulik.”

  • Timesys Announces Preemptive Kernel Support In TimeSys Linux/RT

    “TimeSys Corporation announces enhancements to its TimeSys Linux/RT
    operating system distribution that make the Linux kernel
    preemptable. This new feature significantly enhances hard real-time
    responsiveness by minimizing wait times for higher priority
    real-time tasks.”

  • Real-time Linux — what is it, why do you want it, how do you do
    “In this article, we’ll try to clear away the smoke, and
    provide some perspective on the subject of real-time Linux.”

Selected News From Outside the Linux World:

  • Palm preps pay-per-download PalmOS 3.5

    “Palm will finally release PalmOS 3.5 this autumn, and to add
    insult to injury as it were – Palm users have been waiting for the
    update since February – the handheld company is planning to charge
    for it.”

  • Is WAP a Flop?

    “Although millions of WAP-enabled cell phones have been sold (or
    given away by cellular networks eager for customers), relatively
    few use the system. The German cellular operator D2, one of the
    major promoters, reported last month that its average WAP customer
    uses the service less than a minute a day.”

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