AllLinuxDevices: Editor’s Note: Microsoft is Your Friend, and Other Useful Tidbits from Salon

“…If Xbox succeeds, it will be a ‘rich gaming experience’
for Microsoft as it plays “Run to the Bank Laughing”; and for its
chummy partners, who will sigh with relief as the next generation
of gaming turns out to be “Elbow Out the Little Guy” once

“Leave it to the pros,” is what’s being said by the developers
happily jumping on the Xbox train, which ought to ring eerily
familiar to anyone who’s ever had to put up with anti-Linux
propaganda about the unreliability of “a disorganized band of
developers” being entrusted with the creation of a world-class
operating system.”

“With dollar signs in their eyes, they’re likely to say anything
just about now, and some will even be babbling… er… professing
their love for the benevolence of Redmond as they’re quietly bought
out or knocked off if they write anything better than what Bill’s
pushing on the market.”

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