AllLinuxDevices: MyLinux Project Launches Developer Program: Linux PDA’s from Cheap Parts

The MyLinux PDA project is out to produce a Linux-based PDA
out of low-cost, readily available components. The project has some
beta units to give out to developers interested in

“From the project site:”

“Developer Edition units are designed to feature the
functionality at a very low development cost. The basic idea is to
get everything quickly working using as many low-cost, commercially
available components. In order to quickly get units into the hands
of developers so that the Open Source code base may grow, the
hardware engineering team looks at Developer Edition units as
hardware representations of the final product. Final
product version feature things like sexy, custom designed plastics
and keys, ergonomic layout of buttons and switches and contoured
moldings that fit the hand. As you can imagine, custom plastic
designs and toolings are very expensive. They take considerable
time and money to produce. In the 6-8 weeks for a design and 12-16
weeks for tooling, a whole lot of code is written using Developer
Edition units.”

Complete Story, with a picture of a prototype.

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