AllLinuxDevices: Opersys/Lineo: Linux Trace Toolkit for RealTime Linux

…Like the expensive time-tracing solutions available for
many proprietary embedded RTOS solutions, LTT provides developers
with all of the information necessary to reconstruct a system’s
behavior over a certain period of time.
Using LTT, one can
graphically view the precise dynamics of a system answering such
questions as:

  • Who actually has access to the hardware during a specific time
  • What happens to an application when it receives data?
  • Where are the I/O latencies in a given application?
  • When is a specific application actually reading from disk?
  • Why do certain synchronization problems occur?”

“LTT provides this related information through three primary
graphical and text information displays which map the system’s
lowest level processes (such as scheduling decisions, process
switches and various management tasks) to each high-level
application — all plotted against the time axis.”

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