AllLinuxDevices: Red Hat, NetSilicon to Deliver Embedded Solutions for Internet Appliances

“Red Hat, Inc. and NetSilicon, Inc. have announced a partnership
to deliver open source products and services that accelerate
time-to-market for manufacturers of Ethernet and Internet-attached

“Under the terms of this agreement, Red Hat will provide
engineering services to NetSilicon and ongoing support to
NetSilicon customers. The first product from this partnership is
NET+Lxä, a development platform for Internet Appliances,
running uClinux, which was ported by Red Hat to NetSilicon’s
NET+ARMä processor. The product will be on display in the Red
Hat booth at the Embedded Systems Conference during the week of
September 25….”

“uClinux is a version of the Linux operating system that runs on
processors with no MMU (memory management unit). It supports a
variety of open source applications including webservers, mail
clients, and ftp clients. uClinux also supports the EL/IX
applications programming interface (API). This provides for quick
and easy porting of POSIX compliant applications to NET+Lx software
and NET+ARM hardware.”

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