AllLinuxDevices: Weekly Roundup: September 13, 2000

“Cell phone maker Nokia has decided to enter the Internet
appliance market, and they’re basing the software driving their
device on open source software, including the Mozilla browser.”

“Outside the Linux world (but closer than we may be comfortable
with, in the end), AOL and Time Warner want to get hitched. So how
about the Internet access the proposed merger will be providing?
They’ll have a lot of cable strung, and there are questions about
who will get access. “Everybody!,” the prospective couple beams…
well… except set-top boxes. So the two will be quietly locking
the potentially huge set-top market out of their pipe, to leave it
wide open for AOL’s own set-tops, which will be running Linux.”

“Interested in that IBM wristwatch?, There are more pictures

“Interested in something you can buy next month? Sony says
they’ll be first to market with laptops using Transmeta’s

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