allNetDevices: Samsung’s Linux Handheld Details Emerge

Details of Samsung’s Linux-based handheld aimed at consumers
have started to emerge.

The device, called Yopy, is clearly aimed at the consumer
market, according to details at the company’s Web
. The ARMLinux-based device will be about the size of
other palm-sized handhelds and will have, at base, a similar
feature set of personal information management tools and voice
recording capabilities.

However, the device will be more powerful than most handhelds,
with a 4-inch, 240 by 320 pixel true color screen, 32MB of RAM and
a 206MHz, 32-bit processor. It also will have an embedded Web

In addition, the device will have a CompactFlash slot, built-in
support for MP3 audio and MPEG video and will weigh 225 grams. It
supports wireless modems but has no built-in wireless

Initial release is expected in late second quarter. The company
released no pricing information, but unconfirmed stories indicate
it could be as low as US$99.

While a plethora of Linux-based devices have been announced,
virtually all are larger tablet-sized or set-top devices. Compaq
reportedly has developed a Linux palm-sized prototype but has
disclosed no plans to bring it to market.