Anatomy of the Irrational Microsoft User Response

“Advocating free and open source software often will go hand in
hand with pointing out issues or problems with particular Microsoft
strategies. Considering that FOSS is the only ‘thing’ left that
competes with Microsoft on the same breadth of products and market
places, it is no surprise that Microsoft sees the need to defend
itself. These strategies obviously are aimed against FOSS and as a
consequence often against users’ freedoms. So far, so good. It’s
only business, after all. They do what they have to do.

“There is no point talking about the advantages of FOSS to those
who already understand them. So, just try advocating free and open
source software–and thus end up criticising Microsoft–in front of
an audience that contains a large percentage of Microsoft users.
Guess what happens? You will very soon be the recipient of a very
peculiar and strangely fanatic type of response from a group of
people, who I can only describe as self-declared defenders of the
Microsoft holy-grail…”