Andersen v. Monsoon Multimedia, The Busybox Complaint

“Here it is, the complaint in the first US copyright
infringement lawsuit based on a violation of the GPL, as text. The
lawsuit, Erik Andersen and Rob Landley v. Monsoon Multimedia Inc.,
case number 07-CV-8205, was filed today by the Software Freedom Law
Center and will be heard by Senior District Judge John E. Sprizzo
of the United States District Court for the Southern District of
New York.

“It’s a copyright infringement lawsuit, based on infringement of
the GPL in that Monsoon, the complaint alleges, acknowledges that
its products and firmware contain BusyBox but are not providing
recipients with source code, as required by the license. The
plaintiffs ask for the following relief: an injunction, damages,
and litigation costs…”