Android Comes Home to Linux

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“First, let?s start with a recap, in non-geek terms, of what
happened: For a long time Android, for political and technical
reasons, was developed independently of the Linux kernel itself.
Android and Linux both sprung from the same source, and a lot of
their code was the same, but the programmers behind the two
projects were not collaborating directly. From most perspectives
that was bad, because it meant the two software platforms could
eventually become highly incompatible. It also meant that Linux
could not run ?out of the box? on Android devices.

“This situation was slated to change for the better back in
December 2011, however, when the Android developers committed
themselves to merging their code back into the mainline Linux
kernel. And with the release this month of Linux 3.3, which can
theoretically run on Android devices without any changes or tweaks
necessary, they made good on that promise.”

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