Android Ice Cream Sandwich Expands Market Share in May

In its latest statistics on the market penetration of the various iterations of the Android mobile operating system, Google has revealed that Ice Cream Sandwich could now be found in up to 7.1% of all Android devices. In comparison, data released last month showed that Ice Cream Sandwich only ran 4.9% of the entire population of Android devices.

Still, Gingerbread utterly dominates the current installed base of Android devices with 65% of these smartphones and tablets running some version of Android 2.3. This was a slight 0.6% uptick from the previous month’s figure. Meanwhile, Froyo powered 19.9% of all Android devices, while the grand-daddies of the OS – Cupcake, Donut and Éclair – was the preferred Android version of 6.1% of such devices. Moreover, the tablet-specific Android, Honeycomb, lost ground to 2.7%, a 0.8% slide from the previous month.