Announcing Bodhi Linux

“You may have noticed the blog has been rather quiet the last
couple of weeks, this is because I have been working on a project.
Last month I posted details about an E17 LiveDVD I was working on
that was modeled after PinguyOS. It weighed in at a 1.4 gig
download that was jam packed with every application you might ever
use. It was also slightly crude in some aspects (such as the
Enlightenment desktop it contained was compiled and installed from

“What this DVD accomplished was teaching me the ins and outs of
working with Enlightenment on Ubuntu and building a remastered
disc. The result? Today I would like to announce a project I have
been working on with the help of a small team:

“Bodhi Linux

“Bodhi is a minimalistic, Linux distro that uses the
Enlightenment desktop. By minimalistic I mean Bodhi comes as a
350~meg download and only includes the following pieces of software
by default:”

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