Announcing XFree86-

As posted to C.O.L.A.

    XFree86- has been released

The XFree86 Project is proud to announce the release of yet another
version in our famous "this is the very last XFree86-3.x release"
series. We still hope that this is the very last one...

What's new in XFree86-

   o A system clock slowdown caused by 3Dlabs driver has been fixed.
   o Drawing bugs with C&T HiQV chips have been fixed.
   o Drawing problems in the Cyrix driver have been fixed.
   o The Matrox G100/G200 PCI versions should now be fully supported.
   o The Mach64 server now supports gamma correction.
   o Open Source NVIDIA driver has been provided.
   o I128 Rev IV support has been added.
   o Another S3V lockup has been fixed.
   o A drawing bug in cfb24 has been fixed.
   o A problem causing lockups with some Trident cards has been fixed.
   o Updates for SCO, FreeBSD, Linux glibc OS support.
   o DG/ux support has been added.
   o GNU/Hurd support has been added.
   o Several XINPUT problems have been addressed.
   o DGA relative mouse movement events when XINPUT is defined have been fixed,
     as have DGA-related problems with the NVIDIA and S3V drivers.
   o The X server now reads Xauthority files using the real user id.
   o Several small fixes to core clients.
   o A bug in Xlib's handling of KOI8-R has been fixed.
   o PC98 cards database, sample config file and XKB handling have been fixed.

You can get XFree86- from http://www.xfree86.org and its mirrors.

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