Apache Today: Persistent Perl on the Virtual Host

[ Thanks to KevinReichard for this link.

“One of the big problems with the Perl programming language
is that when executed there is a lag in performance due to the
actual perl interpreter starting up.
In addition, each process
starts another instance of the interpreter to handle the request.
This fact has long been known and many programs have been created
to keep the perl interpreter in memory, thereby avoid the startup
costs, and letting the script run at speeds that rival C and C++

“The two most popular programs are mod_perl and FastCGI. Both
are free so why isn’t the average Web site owner using one of them?
One reason might be that both programs have hooks into the Web
server and running a bad application has the potential to bring
down the Web server. Most hosting companies will not let that
happen so they will not allow their users to access these

“CGI::SpeedyCGI written by Sam Horrocks is just what the
doctor ordered to get your scripts running approximately 16 times
faster than normal. It can be installed using the PREFIX tag in the
Makefile command on virtual hosts.
The installation of this
module to a virtual host is different than installing a standard
module so be sure to read the installation instructions