APE project merges with Common C++

[ Thanks to David Sugar for this announcement. ]


With this declaration, the APE project, a Portable C++ Environment, (http://www.voxilla.org/projects/projape.html), formally and publicly announces it’s merger with and name change to the Common C++ project (http://www.sourceforge.net/project/?group_id=1523) as currently hosted on Source Forge on this date, March 15th, 2000. With this declaration, the following is announced:

1. A new, combined GPL licensed project, retaining the name ‘Common C++’, a portable application framework, has been formed. This new project will be licensed under the same terms and conditions as APE is today and hosted on SourceForge (http://www.sourceforge.net/project/?group_id=1523).

2. All existing Common C++ source files are now held in copyright of the Open Source Telecomm Corporation (http://www.ostel.com), along with APE.

3. The new Common C++ project will retain and be developed from the existing “1.2.3” release of APE. APE has been expanded to include the Common C++ persistence engine, math, and html libraries. All work related to future releases of APE will be derived from the new Common C++ APE code base and will also retain the Common C++ name in the future.

4. APE, renamed Common C++, will remain a true cross platform C++ class framework and APE portability will be extended to all previous Common C++ classes.

5. The existing Common C++ SourceForge development and cvs areas will be retained for use by the new combined project. Common C++ is an openly developed project and continues to welcome outside contributors.

In announcing this merger, we believe we can better serve the open source community at large, and the C++ application development community specifically. In selecting to continue the Common C++ name going forward, we believe we are better able to identify the project as a general purpose C++ framework.

All information related to this new project may be found by visiting http://sourceforge.net/project/?group_id=1523. Any questions may be addressed to David Sugar ([email protected]).