Arch Linux review

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“Arch Linux is yet another Linux distribution. By the
time of this writing Arch Linux is in the top ten list of Distro

“Computers are mostly used to perform certain task, and to do
that task well, the user should not have to spend much time
configuring the computer, or tweaking it to make it work, Arch
Linux aims to keep computer working as simple as possible. In fact
its philosophy is summarized in the acronym KISS Keep It Simply
Stupid. But do not think that because it is simple it is not
powerful, Arch Linux can perform as Desktop, LAMP, firewall,
router, cache server, or any other task you may want, while keeping
it simple.

“Some time ago, I have already written a review about Arch
Linux, in this one year and seven months of being using it almost
exclusively I have learned a lot, and realized it is (at least for
me) one of the best Linux Distributions I have tested. Anyway I
think it is time to write another review.”

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