Are Developer Workloads Increasingly Unfair?

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“Let’s face it, working as a developer can be a daily

“If you’re a developer and feel like your workload is
increasing, you aren’t alone. RBS announced 1,000 technology job
cuts in September 2010 and HP announced another 1,300 jobs being
cut in October 2010. Job cuts like these across IT organizations
have happened before in the early 90’s and after the dot-com bust.
The difference this time is that companies aren’t in any hurry to
rehire because they anticipate a long, difficult economic

“And companies have learned to do more with less. Therefore, if
you’re now carrying the load of two or three people’s
responsibilities, don’t anticipate returning to a normal workday
any time soon.

“Even if you love your job, this constant piling on of work can
be disheartening. Some veteran developers may even feel like their
soul is being sucked out as they see their coworkers lose their
jobs – while they’re left behind, still gainfully employed,
yet suffering under the weight of an ever-growing work load. It
seems to just keep piling up.

“I endured and survived a major layoff in the early nineties and
was on the other end of it this decade. It isn’t fun on either

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