As ISPs Like Cablevision Cozy Up To Its Open Source CDN, Netflix Makes 3D And Super HD Video Available

The goal was to drastically reduce the content delivery costs associated with delivering videos across the Internet, while also providing a better quality of experience to users, thanks to more direct connection between the source and the last-mile networks that the data traveled over. But it’s not just Netflix that benefitted. The idea was that by peering directly, it was a win-win-win for all involved — Netflix paid less for CDN delivery, users got a better quality of video, and ISPs would have less overall network overhead as videos were delivered and cached locally.

And it appears that the idea is catching on with some network providers. Netflix is announcing today that Cablevision has deployed the Open Connect solution, along with several other international ISPs. In addition to the U.S. cable provider, Virgin Media, British Telecom, Telmex, Telus, TDC, GVT, and others have adopted Open Connect. As a result, Netflix claims that the vast majority of video delivered in Europe, Canada, and Latin America is done through its own CDN offering, rather than through a third party.