ATI: Linux vs. Windows Vista

[ Thanks to Michael for this link.

“Since AMD introduced their new Linux display driver last month,
we have published a number of different articles looking at the
Radeon performance across their different GPU product generations.
This ATI/AMD Linux driver testing and exploration continued this
month with the release of the 8.42 driver, which finally introduced
AIGLX support for the fglrx driver. One area though we haven’t yet
analyzed is how their official Linux driver now compares to their
much-optimized Windows Catalyst driver. Today, however, we will be
looking just at that as we compare the ATI Radeon HD 2900XT 512MB
performance under Linux and Microsoft Windows Vista.

“The last time we compared the Linux and Windows performance
with ATI graphics was back in May with a Radeon X1800XL and

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