AtlantaGeek.com: Have Perl will Travel

[ Thanks to tommie
for this link. ]

“My boss is impressed with Perl. You see, for the past few
months I’ve been slowly replacing a set of shell scripts that our
programmers use with perl scripts.
The scripts do seemingly
inconsequential things, like reading in configuration files
detailing every QA environment to test our bug fixes. They also do
regular expression manipulation, like pulling out SQL statements
and displaying them the way the user wants them.”

“The latest script I’ve been working on requests a bug ID when
submitting a fix, and then displays a short description of the bug
to confirm it’s accuracy. This associates reversion control numbers
in RCS to bug IDs in our Remedy/Oracle bug tracking system. My
fellow programmers that use these scripts became curious about
them. They started looking at the code.”

“Then, one day my IT Manager stops by my office. He asks me if I
can use PERL to generate a web-based report on the bug database for
the new Java Project. (Is that a chorus of Sun-sponsored Angels I
hear in the background?)”