Audio Broadcast: An Interview with Richard Stallman

The Fight for Free Software is far from over, according to
Richard Stallman.

Earlier this month, Dwight Johnson interviewed Richard
Stallman at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo. Due to popular
demand, we are making this interview available in its original form
– an audio broadcast.

As this is an interview with the commander of Free Software, we
should mention that we use MP3 with great regret as our medium for
this broadcast. It is impossible to release free software in the US
to produce MP3 files, or even play them–because software patents
have taken away our freedom.

Our community will need to move from this format to another
unpatented format. People are working on designing one–but the job
won’t be easy; there are so many other software patents in the
field, that there may be no way to go around them.

Ironically, this broadcast illustrates one of the fights that we
have to face: putting an end to software patents.

Enjoy the

To listen with mpg123, the command is: