Australian Free Linux Reseller Referral Service

ANNOUNCEMENT                                        1999-03-03


                                        CONTACT: Con Zymaris
                                                 [email protected]

                                        PHONE:  03 9642 5997

--- Linux Information Referral Service for Resellers
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Australian Premier Linux Support Provider to offer Free Reseller
Referral Service

Red Hat's Australian Support Partner, Cybersource, today announced:
The Linux Referral Service for Resellers, a free information service
for Australia's Hardware and Software resellers, system-integrators and
VAR community.

The referral service will operate through both email/web and by phone,
and will provide resellers with pointers to information about Linux,
sources for add-on application software, sites for hardware drivers and
general information on the increasingly popoular operating system.

Cybersource's Red Hat Linux Support Manager, Richard Keech
([email protected]), said "With the growth of Linux exploding at the
moment, more and more resellers will be seeking as much information as
possible to get upto speed with the new OS. Cybersource is here to
provide a central contact point for this information dispersal."

Managing Director at Cybersource, Con Zymaris added: "With margins on
software and hardware being quite low, resellers need to add value to
their sales through services. Deploying Linux file-servers,
firewalls and Internet gateways provides one of the best ways to do this,
and still undercut the competition quoting on Windows NT and Netware
based systems."

A Web-site (http://www.cyber.com.au/cyber/reseller_linux_service/) has
been established to provide for an increasing amount of information on
Linux, for resellers.

   About Linux
Linux is the cooperatively developed POSIX-oriented, multi-user,
multi-tasking operating system used worldwide. Linux is strongly
differentiated from virtually all other operating systems because it
is ``open source'' software, with the source code freely available to
all users. Unlike binary-only operating systems that restrict access
to the source code, Linux benefits from a worldwide community of
highly experienced programmers and technically savvy academics who
have the access to enhance and improve the system. Linux is used as an
exceptional-value, fully functional UNIX workstation for Internet
servers and other applications. [Notes from Red Hat Web Site]

   About Cybersource Pty. Ltd.
Cybersource is an Information Technology services company. We've been in
business since 1991 and have around 25 staff. We are presently the
official Australian Support Partner of Red Hat Software, Inc. As a Support
Partner, we can offer commercial support contracts for Red Hat Linux in
Australia and the region. We also provide services and training to
resellers who need a jump-start into the technical aspects of Linux
installation and administration. Please visit Cybersource at
http://www.cyber.com.au for more information, or email us at
[email protected]

Con Zymaris  <> Cybersource Pty. Ltd.
Unix/Linux/Windows Systems Administration & Rapid Application Development
+61 3 9642 5997 Level 8, 140 Queen Street, Melbourne Australia