Author signing at LinuxWorld

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  Wednesday, March 3 11:00 am and 3:30 pm

  Meet Michael J Hammel, author of the new SSC publication The Artists'
  Guide to the GIMP.  Mr. Hammel will be at LinuxWorld this spring
  to sign and discuss his book with readers and GIMP enthusiasts.

  The Artists' Guide to the GIMP covers all of the basics a new user
  needs to get started, from detailed descriptions of Toolbox features to
  using selections to a complete explanation of Layers and Channels.
  Chapters on color functions and drawing and painting methods show how to
  make the most of this wonderful alternative to similar applications
  for other platforms. Several examples of plug-ins in high resolution,
  four-color glossy prints serve as tutorials and inspiration to any reader.
  Add to these the extensive discussions on printing and scanning, and the
  result is a text that will be an integral part of any graphic artist's
  tool chest. A CD-ROM is included with the book.

  "Mr. Hammel has done a Really Good Thing for the  community of
  GIMP users. This book is very readable, especially for what is
  essentially a users' manual, and brings the reader up  to speed
        quickly..... What this book will do, is show you what the GIMP can do
  and how this tool can be mapped onto the image you see in  your head."
  --Computer Literacy on-line reviewer

  Michael J. Hammel is a software developer and writer. With more than 10
  years of experience working on  systems from cellular networks to operating
  systems software, he has the background needed to research and understand
  the complex structure of the GIMP source code. Michael has showcased his
  GIMP expertise with feature articles and cover graphics for the monthly
  magazine Linux Journal.

Lisa Phillips
SSC Inc., Publishers

The Artists' Guide to the GIMP

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