Barbie the Computer Engineer

[ Thanks to james
for this link. ]

“So the big news last week was the latest “occupation”
for Barbie is a computer engineer, whatever that means (I guess
we’ll let the perennial hardware versus software debates begin).
Maybe it is time to retire that “math class is hard” speech chip
once and for all and replace it with some often-used Linux shell
commands. Or maybe this should be a lesson for our daughters:
persevere past the polynomials, and you too can code. Or design

“Personally, I am glad to seek Geek Barbie, with her hot pink
netbook and matching Bluetooth headset. (And what is up with all
the different Bluetooth headsets on 24, anyway? Didn’t anyone at
CTU’s IT department get involved?) It is about time. We need role
models wherever we can find them in the popular culture. And while
you might have issues with Barbie’s unrealistic and unobtainable,
ahem, dimensions, the fact remains that she has paved the way. Just
take a look at the history books:”