Battle for Wesnoth – Awesome Turn-Based Strategy Game

[ Thanks to Chris7mas for this link.

“The development is more alive than many other
open-source projects, and it is done in an open fashion on the
forums. The developers are implicated there and often talk to other
players and eventually listen to suggestions and add them in the
development version. The stable release (currently 1.4.x) benefits
of updates every few weeks or so, while the development branch
(1.5.x) is also put out to the public for testing purposes.

“Many add-ons are available: campaigns, factions, new maps and
eras. The game comes with six default factions: Rebels, Loyalists,
Drakes, Northerners, Undead and Knalgan Alliance. Each faction
benefits of its own units available for recruiting; and each unit
has special traits and abilities. The battle between players takes
place on a hex map, and each hex can provide different defense
resistance, depending on the terrain and the type of unit standing
on it.”

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