Bayonne GPL licensed IVR/v-commerce server project announced

[ Thanks to David Sugar
for this announcement. ]

The Bayonne
project, a bridge to the future of GPL licensed computer telephony
development, has been founded to introduce the next generation of
GPL licensed telephony servers based on the highly successful and
commercially deployed GPL licensed ACS telephony server developed
by the Open Source Telecomm
ACS supports deployment of multi-line IVR and
web integrated v-commerce solutions today using telephony hardware
from Pika, VoiceTronix, and Quicknet, under GNU/Linux.

Bayonne will continue in the tradition of ACS using the newly
merged Common C++ APE
at it’s foundation. Bayonne will not only build upon
the existing ACS platform but will greatly improve support for new
and different telephony architectures (such as Dialogic and Natural
Microsystems drivers) by fully modularizing the telephony API as a
shared plugin. Bayonne will also become more easily portable to
platforms beyond GNU/Linux, including FreeBSD (as appropriate
telephony support arrives), Solaris, and perhaps other platforms
supported by Common C++.

Bayonne will also introduce a new scripting language based on
ACS “aascript” as a fully extensible derivable class interpreter
for use in Bayonne application scripting and as a general purpose
embedded scripting engine for Common C++ based free software
projects. In addition to continuing ACS’s innovative scripting
system, Bayonne will support ACS TGI and the TGI perl module as the
standard for bridging web development with voice telephony
services, as well as introduce many additional innovations to
computer telephony and v-commerce.

By bringing both the current ACS project and Bayonne to Source Forge, we hope to broaden
the developer community directly involved in carrying forward the
future of openly developed GPL licensed telephony solutions that
will continue to be made available through and deployed from