BeroLinux joins Linux-Mandrake.

Thanks to Gaël
for this link.


we – Gaël Duval from the Linux-Mandrake project and
Bernhard Rosenkränzer from the new BeroLinux project – are
very pleased to announce that we have decided to merge the two
projects because we have similar goals and products.

We want to make the best Linux distribution for the beginner, we
want to be 100% compatible with Red Hat Linux and Un|x
configuration standards, we want it easy-to-use: we want to put
Linux on the desktop!

Bernhard Rosenkränzer will now be employed at MandrakeSoft
– the company which produces Linux-Mandrake – and be responsible
for the official Linux-Mandrake distribution. The new resulting
distribution will integrate the new ideas and features from
BeroLinux as well as all the new stuff that is actually developped
by the Linux-Mandrake team.

For example, in the next release, our users will have the choice
between both KDE and Gnome for the desktop manager, with new nice
interoperability features. They will also be given the possibility
to get special optimized version for their hardware too (Pentium
I/II, K6…).

We last plan to integrate some nice features like full 2.2.x
kernel support, Euro support, scalable fonts support etc.

Last but not least, we plan to open the Linux-Mandrake
development so that users can contribute and decide what they want
for their Linux distribution. Expect more details by the end of the

Gaël Duval – [email protected]
Bernhard Rosenkränzer – [email protected]

More information about Linux-Mandrake at http://www.linux-mandrake.com

More information about BeroLinux at http://www.berolinux.za.net