Best Alternative Music Players for Android

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“MixZing: Deemed as the most advanced music player for Android,
MixZing comes packed with an amazing number of features you won’t
normally expect from a mobile app. Besides letting you play and
manage your music, MixZing also tidies up your library by finding
missing metadata like album art, song name and artist name for your
tracks.When you start playing a track, MixZing allows you to lookup
info for the current artist and song from various sources like
Wikipedia and Google. Moreover, you can also find lyrics for the
song without leaving the app. Another great thing about MixZing is
that it lets you play OGG files, making it the perfect app for open
format enthusiasts. With an equalizer, sleep timer, tag editor and
a Genius-like music recommendation engine, MixZing undoubtedly is
one of the best music apps out there for Android. MixZing is freely
(with ads) available for download from the marketplace. For an
ad-free experience, you can upgrade to the paid version.

“Songbird: The only open source application on this list is
Songbird. This free application comes with a lot of great features
you’ll already find on its desktop counterpart. Songbird comes with
a clean and beautiful interface allowing users to find and play
their favorite songs easily. If you use the desktop application,
you can sync Songbird between your computer and smartphone without
any hassles. When compared to other music players, Songbird does
include some unique features that make it stand apart from the
crowd. For example, Songbird integrates tightly with popular web
services like Last.fm, Flickr, and even Facebook. What’s more, the
app also includes matching homescreen widgets, Bluetooth car audio
support, and podcasts support, making it the perfect open source
replacement to the default music application. Songbird is
completely free and open source and is available for download from
the Android Marketplace.”