BetaNews.com: MSN Messenger: Just A Piece Of The [Microsoft] Puzzle

Thanks to Bill Greenwood for
this link.

“Releasing an Instant Messenger may be a seemingly benign
action. However, MSN Messenger Service 1.0 is possibly the
beginning of a greater strategy.”

“MSN Messenger takes full advantage of OS components, which are
included for Internet functionality, such as NetMeeting, Outlook
Express, Internet Explorer, and DUN. It also has the ability to
recognize which registered DirectPlay Applications are installed on
a contact’s box.”

“… by refusing to allow Microsoft and Yahoo! to create clients
compatible with AOL’s Instant Messenger, AOL has invalidated any
argument that could have been used to cry foul play.”

“While they were at it, AOL has also managed to alienate the
Open Source community by removing TiK, TNT, and Emacs AIM clients
from their website.”