Big Winners and Losers of 2011

[ Thanks to An Anonymous Reader for
this link. ]

“You didn’t expect agreement did you? Some think GNOME 3 was a
winner and Ubuntu the big loser while some think both lost out. I’m
in the latter camp by the way. Most agree that Linux Mint is on the
winning team, despite the brouhaha over the Banshee revenue. One
guy thinks Ubuntu made a comeback this year. Folks couldn’t even
agree on a winning browser. Some think Chrome wiped the floor with
Firefox, while just as many think Firefox is winning. I prefer
Firefox over Chrome, but I think they messed up with that
accelerated release cycle thing. I don’t trust Chrome or Google. I
use Gmail, but I signed up before my paranoia kicked in.

“Man oh man, the number of folks mentioning Android is
surprising to me. I know some circles really want to push Android,
but I didn’t predict how many regular desktop users were going to
seem pro-Android. Again, for me, the whole Google thing… Just how
open is that Android anywho? Did we ever decide?”