Bill Gates and Nathan Myhrvold Find New Ways to Extort the Competitors, Using Patents

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for this link. ]

“APPALLING. That’s what Microsoft appears to have given the
world. First it put a tax on every computer sold, removing people’s
ability to avoid this tax even if they want nothing to do with
Microsoft. Now they want to force people to pay Microsoft a tax no
matter which phone they buy. That’s right, and if it’s not
Microsoft pulling those strings, then it’s the two co-founders of
the company and their former CTO, who with funding from a Microsoft
co-founder created the world’s largest patent troll, Intellectual
Ventures. Watch how patent lawyer types try to white-wash the
patent trolls’ role in industry and cover the fact that Gates and
his buddy Myhrvold are extorting RIM for its phones, just like HTC
and Samsung (for Linux), allegedly after Myhrvold did his blackmail
routines. Here is how patent lawyers put it (subscription