Binary Freedom: The End of Maximum Linux

[ Thanks to minus
for this link. ]

“At midnight last night, Imagine Media announced that it was
closing the doors on Maximum Linux Magazine. Emmett Plant talks to
some of their staff to find out the story….”

“Imagine Media, who also publishes MaximumPC and The Official
Sega Dreamcast Magazine, created Maximum Linux to jump on the Linux
bandwagon. While being a colorful and interesting magazine, many
people in the Linux community shunned the magazine for not being
technical enough to serve their needs….”

“Basically, they shut down six out of the twelve magazines here.
Maximum Linux was doing fine, it wasn’t a problem with the magazine
at all, I believe it was turning a profit. Instead, they’re taking
the money from the magazines they pulled and putting it into the
others to grow those properties. Basically, they’re doing what’s
good for Imagine.”


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