BitUbique: Supercharge Your Download Using Axel and LFTP

[ Thanks to Ken for
this link. ]

“If you happen to be the customer of Malaysia’s leading ISP,
sooner or later you will discover they wide disparity between the
bandwidth that they advertised and the real, day-to-day, ‘normal’
speed that you actually get. Usually the variance is about 60%,
where if you subscribe to the 1 Mbps ADSL package, you can normally
get only around 200 kbps if you download files from any overseas

“But I noticed that if you have multiple download running at the
same time, you can actually reach the theoretical limit of your
package (e.g. reaching around 900 kbps for 1 Mbps package). So
somehow I suspect along the line this ISP does some traffic shaping
probably (my wild guess)…”


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